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  1. A critical review of the water and sanitation Decade in Tanzania * (1985)
    McHaile, N C
  2. Agency versus community participation approach in development of water supply and sanitation programmes * (1985)
    Omambia, D O
  3. An alternative approach - small-scale improvements to existing sources * (1985)
    Andersson, I
  4. Appropriate water technology in Somalia's refugee camps * (1985)
    Hartung, H
  5. Boreholes as a solution to water problems in Central Tanzania * (1985)
    Kongola, L R E
  6. Community self-help in the provision of drinking water * (1985)
    Egunjobi, L
  7. Community well digging in Zimbabwe * (1985)
    Williams, D F
  8. Constraints to effective community participation in rural water supply schemes * (1985)
    Mujwahuzi, M R
  9. Development of the Buguruni-type VIP * (1985)
    Mowforth, K
  10. Employment of persons with disabilities in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. An assessment of the proportion of persons with disabilities in the workplace (2010)
    Kweka, Jacqueline; Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT)


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