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  1. Democratising data insights for improved project monitoring and accountability * (2021)
    Islam, Kazal Ahidul
  2. Development of communication materials: rural water supply and sanitation programme (2003)
    Kalimullah, Nazmul Ahsan; Islam, Zahirul
  3. Data collection and management for rural water supply in developing countries (1990)
    Carty, Dermot
  4. Evidence-based emergency response to Covid-19: using data to inform hygiene behaviour change interventions * (2021)
    Gautam, Dr Om Prasad
  5. Child labour in solid waste scavenging: a csae for Uganda [Distance Learning] (2006)
    Bwengye-Kahororo, Edward
  6. Making JMP data more useful for local decision-making in Ghana * (2011)
    Addai, Emmanuel
  7. Monitoring using mobile technology: the case of Dispensers for Safe Water * (2013)
    Langat, Maria
  8. Training support report 31/12/1995. Compiled for Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH (1995)
    Futter, L.; Namibia, Directorate of Rural Water Supply
  9. Who owns sanitation for the poor in Delhi? Gaps in policy and institutional structures [Distance Learning] (2011)
    Mukherjee, Debashree
  10. Water and sanitation in Uganda: measuring performance for improved service delivery [prepared by WELL for the Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment (MoWLE), Uganda] * (2003)
    WELL, Water and Environmental Health at London and Loughborough


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