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  1. Experience and opportunities for commercial financing in Kenya’s WASH sector * (2018)
    Kazimbaya-Senkwe, Barbara
  2. Ministry of Local Development. Achievements of 2003 (2004)
    Nepal, Ministry of Local Development
  3. The new world order and Pakistan. Paper for the UN MGD Committee Meeting, Nairobi, 29 Oct - 01 Nov 2003 (2003)
    Hasan, Arif
  4. WaterAid and its partners in Malawi. An evaluation of the Country Programme. Final version * (2004)
    Gomme, Joe; Mbewe, Isaac; Muhuwa, Hermis; Milazi, Linda; WaterAid
  5. Ethics and integrity. Trainer's handbook (2003)
    Uganda, Ministry of Local Government
  6. Improving water point functionality in Malawi: making the case for minimum financing for direct support * (2017)
    Byrns, Sydney
  7. Lao People's Democratic Republic. 3 case studies about sustainable sanitation projects in Lao [Produced for UNEP with funding by KOICA Korea International Cooperation Agency] * (2011)
    CAPS Centre for Advanced Philippine Studies
  8. Technical assistance to the Republic of Indonesia for preparing the Community Water Services and Health Project (TAR:INO 34152) * (2002)
    Andrews, C.; Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  9. The impact of devolution on the structure and financing of the WASH sector in Kenya * (2018)
    White, Zachary
  10. Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems and sanitation in developing countries (DEWATS): a practical guide * (2010)
    Ulrich, Andreas; Reuter, Stefan; Gutterer, Bernd; Sasse, Ludwig; Panzerbieter, Thilo; Reckerzugl, Thorsten; Bremen Overseas Research and Development Assocation (BORDA)


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