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  1. Primary school buildings: standards, norms and design * (1995)
    De Spiegeleer, Jean; UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; Bhutan Government, Department of Education; Bhutan, Royal Government of
  2. Sanitation for all: a framework for research and practice in improving equity for people with disabilities * (2016)
    Desai, Gauri
  3. School sanitation latrine options (design and construction guidelines) (2002)
    Semakula, Paul; Ejangu, Joan; Victor, Drile; Uganda, Ministry of Health
  4. A Collection of Contemporary Toilet Designs * (2014)
    Shaw, Rod; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  5. A report on the development of a pond sand filter for saline problem areas (1989)
    Department of Public Health Engineering Government of the People's Republic of; DPHE; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  6. A study of design standards for surface width and design speed on tertiary rural roads (NTRC -82) (1985)
    National Transport Research Centre; NTRC; Pakistan, Government of. Planning Commission; Smith, John
  7. Community water supply & sanitation, Nepal. Sanitation handbook (1982)
    Strauss, Martin; HMG, Panchayat and Local Development Ministry
  8. La letrina solar [architectural plans] (1996)
  9. Small earth dams (Part 1) (1981)
    Kababi, J.T.
  10. Small earth dams (Part 2) (1981)
    Kababi, J.T.


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