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  1. Water sector harmonisation and alignment study. Assessment of sector partnerships in Ghana: study report * (2014)
    Duti, Vida; Gyasi, Kwabena; Kabuga, Collins; Korboe, David
  2. DAG Water Technical Working Group - action plan 2006 - 2007 (Ethiopian fiscal year 1999). Draft (2006)
    DAG Water Technical Working Group
  3. Money down the pan? Community level models for financing sanitation in rural Nepal: a sector review (2008)
    Pretus, Laia Domenech; Jones, Oliver; Sharma, Laxmi; Shrestha, Rajani K.C.; WaterAid; Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  4. Water and NGOs: Proceedings of an ODA workshop held at Loughborough University 10 June 1996 * (1996)
    Smout, Ian
  5. Proposed loan and Asian Development Fund Grant and Technical Assistance Grant, Republic of Tajikistan: Rural Development Project. Report and recommendation of the President to the Board of Directors (Project Number: 37530) (2006)
    Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  6. Public Sector Capacity Building Programme (PSCAP) (2007)
    Ethiopia, Government of
  7. Assistance to farmer-managed irrigation systems: results, lessons, and recommendations for an action-research project (IIMI Country Paper - Nepal - No. 3) (1990)
    IIMI Country Paper, Nepal No 3; International Irrigation Management Institute (IIMI); Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS)
  8. Capacity building for operation and maintenance of water infrastructure and developing small water infrastructure in The West Bank and Gaza *
    EPIQ II; International Resources Group (IRG); ECODIT; USAID US Agency for International Development
  9. Directorate of Water Development: Annual management report for 1996/97 (1997)
    Uganda, Ministry of Natural Resources, Directorate of Water Development
  10. Environmental policies of industrial discharge 'Greater Cairo' (1997)
    Khallaf, Maha S.


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