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  1. Delivering WASH services in a devolved context: the experience of Kenya * (2016)
    Sara, Lewnida
  2. Experience and opportunities for commercial financing in Kenya’s WASH sector * (2018)
    Kazimbaya-Senkwe, Barbara
  3. Improving water point functionality in Malawi: making the case for minimum financing for direct support * (2017)
    Byrns, Sydney
  4. The impact of devolution on the structure and financing of the WASH sector in Kenya * (2018)
    White, Zachary
  5. A guide to the establishment of community owned and managed urban water points (1998)
    WaterAid; Dushtha Shasthya Kendra (DSK)
  6. Mapping Malawi's budget decision-making for rural WASH service delivery * (2018)
    Wahba, Joy
  7. Decentralized rural water supply and sanitation services in Bangladesh: a critical overview * (2011)
    Alam, Md. Shariful