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  1. Food hygiene practices of mothers and level of contamination in child's food in Nepal: a formative research * (2013)
    Gautam, Om Prasad
  2. The cholera outbreak: a 2000-2002 case study of the source of the outbreak in the Madlebe Tribal Authority areas, uThungulu Region, KwaZulu-Natal * (2002)
    Cottle, Edward; Deedat, Hameda; Rural Development Services Network (RDSN)
  3. HeSaWa and disease prevention: the development of an informative tool on holistic disease prevention (1999)
    Rottier, Erik
  4. Guideline for the management of waterborne epidemics, with the emphasis on cholera - coordination, communication, action and monitoring. Edition 1 - March 2002 * (2002)
    Bosman, C.; Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF)
  5. Limitations of chlorine disinfection of human excreta: implications for Ebola disease control * (2016)
    Trajano, D.G.S.
  6. Morbidity and mortality survey on diarrhoeal diseases in the rural areas of Bangladesh (1983)
    Khan, Md Aftabuddin; Das, Ananda Mohan; Rahman, S.M. Khalihur
  7. Emergency publications on CD (2004)
    Reed, Bob
  8. Follow up study to assess the use and performance of household water filters in Zambia * (2013)
    Peletz, R
  9. The problem of handwashing and paying for water in South Africa (2007)
    Haffejee, Farhaad; Chopra, Mickey; Sanders, David
  10. Towards optimised collaboration between medical and WASH teams in cholera outbreak control for an organisation such as MSF (2016)
    Leray, Vincent


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