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  1. Improvements to Kigoma town water supply (1985)
    Rugashumba, Alexandra M.
  2. Shallow wells disinfection using pot chlorinators (1986)
    Kalimwenjuma, D.D.
  3. Gravity-driven membrane disinfection for household drinking water treatment * (2011)
    Peter-Varbanets, Maryna
  4. Simple liquid dosing chlorination devices (2005)
    Nagdi, Fareed
  5. On-site sodium hypochlorite generation as a point-of-use water treatment method for rural Africa (2003)
    Burgsteden, Willem van
  6. Solar disinfection of water (1991)
    Hussain, M.Y.M.
  7. Drivers of sustainable use of solar water disinfection in Bolivia * (2011)
    Tamas, Andrea
  8. Quality of domestic water supplies Volume 4: Treatment guide * (2002)
    Water Research Commission (WRC); South Africa, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry; South Africa, Department of Health
  9. Promoting SODIS in a peri-urban community, the experience from Kifumbira zone, Kampala, Uganda * (2011)
    Nabasirye, Lillian
  10. Designing a school water treatment and interactive education program in Kenya to enable future scale-up * (2013)
    Forsyth, Jenna


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