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  1. Experience with the introduction of dry; urine-diverting sanitation systems in Ethiopia * (2009)
    Oldenburg, M
  2. Leadership for SDG 6.2: Is diversity missing? * (2021)
    Worsham, Kimberly
  3. Identifying challenges in the use of urine-diverting toilets: a case study from Rukungiri Municipality (S.W. Uganda) * (2013)
    Kamuteera, Eric
  4. Piloting ecological sanitation (EcoSan) in the emergency context of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, after the 2010 earthquake * (2013)
    Kilbride, Anthony
  5. The Public Health Safety of Using Human Excreta from Urine-Diverting Dehydration Toilet Vaults for Agriculture:The Philippine Experience * (2009)
    Itchon, Gina
  6. Modelling the benefits of urine diversion for resource recovery: A case study of Arba Minch; Ethiopia * (2009)
    Meinzinger, Franziska
  7. Sanitation and hygiene policy - stated beliefs and actual practice: a case study in the Burera District, Rwanda * (2012)
    Ekane, Nelson; Kjellen, Marianne; Noel, Stacey; Fogde, Madeleine; Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
  8. Adapting alternative sanitation systems for emergencies * (2011)
    Shaylor, Esther
  9. Introducing sustainable sanitation in Kyrgyzstan. An analysis of success factors and barriers * (2009)
    Jorritsma, Fedde; Fedtke, Gero; Ergunsel, Alp; Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF)
  10. Use of ecosan latrine products in farming: the need for local guidance and monitoring for sustainability * (2018)
    Ntakarutimana, Amans


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