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  1. Enhancing climate resilience communities in the horn of Africa: groundwater management and strategies for drought management * (2021)
    Cahyanto, Basilius Kris
  2. National plan of action to combat desertification (1987)
    Environmental Protection Council, Ghana; United Nations Sudano-Sahelian Office (UNSO)
  3. Simplified drought monitoring: drawing Lessons from the installation of groundwater early warning system in the south of Madagascar * (2021)
    Koslengar, Mougabe
  4. Climate change and smallholder farmers in Malawi. Understanding poor peoples' experiences in climate change adaptation. A report by ActionAid * (2006)
    ActionAid International
  5. Karachi City climate change. Adaptation strategy. A roadmap * (2012)
    Anwar, Farhan
  6. The rain doesn't come on time anymore. Poverty, vulnerability and climate variability in Ethiopia * (2010)
    Regassa, Senait; Givey, Christina; Castillo, Gina E.
  7. The drought of 1981-87 in Botswana (1987)
    Bhalotra, Y.P.R.
  8. Wajir pastoral development programme: Oxfam GB Final report: Mid-term review of phase two June/July 1999 (1999)
    Westcott, Sarah; Kisopia, Peter; Ejakait, Mike Wekesa; Carrington, Graham; Oxfam GB
  9. Analysis of river flow in Malawi with limited data (2003)
    Uka, Zione Butao
  10. Sand dam resilience for rural water access amid climate change in semi-arid Kenya: sustainable design for drought and flood. * (2021)
    Bogle, Spencer


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