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  1. Assessing potential success of Eco-San: a participatory process (2004)
    Gamez Paya, Cristobal
  2. Use of ecosan latrine products in farming: the need for local guidance and monitoring for sustainability * (2018)
    Ntakarutimana, Amans
  3. Environmental aspects of surface water systems of Bangladesh (1990)
    Rahman, A. Atiq; Huq, Saleemul; Conway, Gordon R.
  4. Sustainable development in Nigeria's dry belt: problems & prospects. Proceedings of the NEST annual workshop held in October 1990 in Kano, Nigeria (1991)
    Ologe, K.O.; Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team; NEST
  5. Urine diversion dehydration toilets in Dar es Salaam: an appropriate alternative for peri-urban areas? [Distance Learning] (2009)
    Sudo, Katsuyoshi
  6. Excreta disposal in emergencies: A field manual * (2007)
    Harvey, Peter
  7. Process cost analysis for the optimization of a container-based sanitation service in Haiti * (2018)
    Remington, Claire
  8. Promoting ecological sanitation:sharing NKKD WATSAN experiences * (2011)
    Kamuteera, Eric
  9. Water Research Fund for Southern Africa (WARFSA) [A synopsis of WARFSA supported research projects in 2003] (2004)
    Ndamba, J.; Manase, G.; Water Research Fund for Southern Africa (WARFSA); Institute of Water and Sanitation Development (IWSD)
  10. Alternative solutions for challenging environments: a look at UNICEF-assisted ecosan projects worldwide * (2011)
    Abraham, Belinda


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