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  1. Alternatives in ecological sanitation: a comparison of systems in Uganda * (2015)
    Kamuteera, E.
  2. EcoSan: sustainable solution to sanitation problem in rural India * (2015)
    Gupta, A.
  3. Identifying challenges in the use of urine-diverting toilets: a case study from Rukungiri Municipality (S.W. Uganda) * (2013)
    Kamuteera, Eric
  4. Ecological sanitation uptake, knowledge, beliefs and practices in Kabale Municipality, Kabale District * (2011)
    Tumwebaze, Innocent K
  5. When faecal sludge reuse doesn't work: a look at access for the poorest and people with disabilities in urban Malawi * (2018)
    Mallory, Adrian
  6. A 'two-track' approach to sanitation and waste management in Adjumani, Northern Uganda * (2013)
    Pitot, Hanns-Andre
  7. A review of ecosan toilets in medium- density mixed housing developments * (2011)
    Matsebe, Gertrude
  8. Alternative solutions for challenging environments: a look at UNICEF-assisted ecosan projects worldwide * (2011)
    Abraham, Belinda
  9. Ecological CLTS: searching for common ground between ecological sanitation and community-led total sanitation in Timor-Este [Distance Learning] (2014)
    Grumbley, A.D.
  10. Innovation in the school environment related to sanitation, hygiene and nutrient recycling * (2011)
    Morgan, Peter


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