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  1. Adezai pilot project, Pakistan (1994)
    Colin, J.S.
  2. Developing healthier communities through education & empowerment. Toolkit based on SNV Bhutan experiences [Inc. CD] (2006)
    Dorji, Thinley; Ritchie, Megan
  3. HeSaWa and disease prevention: the development of an informative tool on holistic disease prevention (1999)
    Rottier, Erik
  4. Water hygiene, environmental sanitation and the control of diarrhoeal diseases in Botswana: a knowledge, attitudes and practices study (1991)
    Botswana, Republic of. Ministry of Health; Botswana,Republic of. Ministry of Local Government and Lands; SIAPAC - Africa; Social Impact Assessment and Policy Analysis Corporation
  5. Environmental sanitation - interventions into seasonal cholera outbreaks in Lusaka [Distance Learning] (2007)
    Mulenga, Chibesa Z.
  6. The community comes forth (1998)
    Halder, Joseph; NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation
  7. The impact of operation and maintenance training following water safety plan on the operation and management of arsenic removal technologies [Distance Learning] (2014)
    Morsheda, Elma
  8. Bangladesh rural water supply and environmental sanitation programme. Socio-economic studies. Bi-annual report - Report No. 02 (1984)
    DPHE; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); Danida
  9. Bangladesh: study of non-state providers of basic services *
    Chowdhury, Alamgir Farouk; Delay, Simon; Faiz, Naushad; Haider, Iftekher; Reed, Brian; Rose, Pauline; Sen, Priti Dave; University of Birmingham, School of Public Policy; University of Birmingham, International Development Department; IHSD/DFID Health Systems Resource Centre; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM); Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC); University of Sussex, Centre for International Education
  10. Identifying and supporting vulnerable people in community led total sanitation, particularly in Bangladesh (2010)
    Fawzi, Ammar


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