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  1. Linking natural disaster emergency relief and long-term development case study of post-tsunami 2004 in Sri Lanka (2005)
    Hayashi, Mayumi
  2. The use of inclined plate sedimentation tanks as a water treatment stage and an assessment of their use for treating turbid water in emergencies (2011)
    Jamous, Walid
  3. Getting a handle on handwashing: implementation in emergency situations. (Handwashing implementation in emergency situations) [Pages missing] (2004)
    Harries, S.D.
  4. Investigating the attitudes of engineers to implementing new sanitation technologies in emergencies; using Urine Diversion (UD) as a case study (2010)
    Shaylor, Esther
  5. Addressing water and sanitaiton needs of displaced women in emergencies [Distance Learning] (2013)
    de Lange, Rink
  6. Guidelines for housing development in coastal Sri Lanka. Statutory requirements and best-practice guide to settlement planning, housing design and service provision with special emphasis on disaster preparedness (2005)
    Sri Lanka, National Housing Development Authority; Sri Lanka, Ministry of Housing and Construction; Tsunami Disaster Housing Program
  7. Sanitation in field hospitals (1992)
    Dean, P.T.
  8. The transition from relief to development: a case for WASH in West Darfur - Sudan [Distance Learning] (2010)
    Kyambadde, Derek


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