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  1. Adolescent Girls' Program. A program to empower the adolescent girls from rural poor families (2000)
    Ibrahim, Muhammad; Centre for Mass Education in Science (CMES)
  2. Supporting institutional development for WASH action research with practioners in four countries * (2016)
    Snel, Marielle
  3. Adolescent girls power. Some participants of CMES's Adolescent Girls' Program talk about themselves (2000)
    Ibrahim, Muhammad; Farhat Ubaid, S.; Centre for Mass Education in Science (CMES)
  4. Gender and empowerment through WASH based on cases from Bangladesh * (2017)
    Ahrari, Sara
  5. Draft guidance to empower technical field teams in humanitarian organisations * (2021)
    Harries, Kathryn
  6. Trainer's guide for CFT training. Rural Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WaSH) Program (2005)
    Ethiopia, Ministry of Water Resources; Rohr-Rouendaal, Petra
  7. Tentative guidelines for empowering Guyanese Amerindians in water and environmental sanitation projects. First draft (1996)
    Barragne-Bigot, Philippe; Guyana Water Authority; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  8. Addressing the sanitation crisis through a market-based approach * (2017)
    Akwunwa, Nneka
  9. Greater project sustainability in urban sanitation (2002)
    Lord, Alasdair
  10. Comparative assessment. Community based solid waste management (CBSWM) Medan, Bandung, Subang and Surabaya * (2006)
    Development Alternatives Inc (DAI)


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