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  1. Energy and development in developing countries * (2011)
    Curd, Natalie R.
  2. Lessons learnt by Concern Worldwide over 16 years of WASH programmes in North Korea * (2016)
    McGrath, Siobhan
  3. Selection of landfill gas utilisation options for developing countries: a case study in Thailand (2003)
    Jaroenpoj, Souwalak
  4. Alternative pumping techniques, Botswana (1995)
    Khumomatlhare, B.
  5. Government of Niger State of Nigeria estimates 2000. Approved budget (2000)
    Nigeria, Niger State
  6. Sustainable options for desalination: a look into renewable energies and brine disposal * (2016)
    Mizutani, Douglas
  7. Annual plan 1990-91 - economic framework and public sector development programme (1990)
    Pakistan, Government of, Planning Commission
  8. Improving revenue management for sustainable rural water services: innovative prepaid water system * (2018)
    Tonya, Ephraim
  9. Statistical pocket book of Bangladesh 1984-85 (1985)
    Bangladesh: Bureau of Statistics
  10. Towards decentralized biogas generation: building community scale biogas reactor * (2017)
    Radu, Tanja


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