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  1. Discussion group report: Human resources development * (1987)
    Colbert, P
  2. Discussion group report: Hydrology, groundwater location and pollution * (1987)
    Shela, O N R
  3. Discussion group report: Integrated rural development including building and housing * (1987)
    Morris, D R G
  4. Discussion group report: Low-cost technology other than latrines and hand pumps * (1987)
    mashauri, P A
  5. Discussion group report: Operation and maintenance of sanitation scheme and stormwater drainage * (1987)
    Brandberg, B
  6. Discussion group report: Operation and maintenance of water supplies * (1987)
    Lesoana, K W
  7. Discussion group report: Roads and communications * (1987)
    Jennings, D W
  8. Discussion group report: Water treatment and distribution * (1987)
    Young, R J
  9. Discussion paper: An experiment of upgrading a sanitation system * (1987)
    Bocarro, R A
  10. Discussion paper: Towards total community participation in rural water supply projects in Zambia * (1987)
    Chola, P


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