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  1. G011: Selecting water, sanitation and hygiene indicators * (2013)
    Reed, Brian; Fisher, Julie; Shaw, Rod
  2. Inviting rivers: where nature and humans meet ( based on recommendations on future policy for improvement of river environments prepared by River Council) (1997)
    Japan, Ministry of Construction, River Bureau
  3. National sanitation guidelines (1998)
    Uganda, National Sanitation Task Force; Uganda, Ministry of Health
  4. The national conservation strategy for Zambia (1985)
    IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources; Conservation for Development Centre; Zambia, Government of
  5. Environmental monitoring in Finland 2003 - 2005. Extended summary (2002)
    Niemi, Jorma; Heinonen, Pertti; Finnish Environment Institute
  6. A guide to the regional environmental action plan for the Antofagasta region of Chile (Guia para el plan de accion regional ambiental para la region de Antofagasta en Chile) (1997)
    Department For International Development (DFID); Environmental Resources Management (ERM)
  7. Assessment of present higher environmental education situation and needs assessment to develop partnerships between environment higher education with enterprises in Palestine [Tempus IV Structural Measures 2009: developing a strategic plan for the reform of environmental studies in the higher education system of Palestine] * (2011)
    Haddad, Marwan; Yassin, Salah; Water and Environmental Studies Institute (WESI)
  8. Environmental Impact Assessment advice for Lagos water corporation (support through WaterAid Nigeria's urban programme) - Report 1 * (2008)
    Griffiths, I.M.; Pillon Ltd
  9. Environmental profile of North-West Frontier Province Pakistan (1994)
    Dijk, Albert van; Hussein, Maliha H.; DHV Consultants; EDC Enterprise & Development Consulting
  10. Environmental protection organs establishment proclamation (Proclamation No 295/2002) 9th Year No 7 Addis Ababa 31st October, 2002 (2002)
    Federal Negarit Gazeta of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia


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