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  1. SuSanA's road map towards more sustainable sanitation practices * (2009)
    Panesar, A
  2. Irrigation water management and the Bundala National Park: proceedings of the workshop on water quality of the Bundala lagoons held at IWMI, Colombo, Sri Lanka 3 April 1998 (1998)
    Matsuno, Yutaka; Hoek, Wim van der; Ranawake, Mala; International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
  3. Life cycle approach for evaluating sanitation projects - Case study: Biogas latrine * (2009)
    Ocwieja, Sarah
  4. The effect of mosquito controls on the environment (2013)
    Mould, Jack Daniell
  5. Green reconstruction policy guidelines for Aceh * (2005)
  6. Influence of climatic conditions on cyanobacteria blooms in a tropical water supply river (Rio das Velhas; Brazil) * (2009)
    von Sperling, Eduardo
  7. Integrating sanitation and environment assessments for use in emergencies * (2009)
    Hammond, V
  8. The Public Health Safety of Using Human Excreta from Urine-Diverting Dehydration Toilet Vaults for Agriculture:The Philippine Experience * (2009)
    Itchon, Gina
  9. UNICEF toilet solutions for child-friendly schools in Rwanda * (2009)
    Ginoulhiac, Luca
  10. Assessment of wastewater quality for use in crop production: Case studies of Egerton University and Nakuru wastewater stabilization ponds * (2009)
    Kimani, V N


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