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  1. National sanitation guidelines (1998)
    Uganda, National Sanitation Task Force; Uganda, Ministry of Health
  2. National environmental health policy (2005)
    Uganda, Ministry of Health, Environmental Health Division
  3. Environmental health in Uganda * (1997)
    Morgan, Joy; Water and Environmental health at London and Loughborough (WELL)
  4. Environmental health promotion capacity building: A training guide based on CARE's hygiene promotion manual * (2001)
    Morgan, Joy
  5. Buildings and their environment * (1973)
    Danby, M
  6. Needs and problems in water supply in developing countries * (1973)
    Van Damme, J M G
  7. The organization of overseas work * (1973)
    Lovatt, J W
  8. Waste-water and refuse treatment and disposal in India * (1973)
    Mohanrao, G J
  9. Health engineering in the Gezira irrigation scheme, Sudan (1986)
    Diyab, Hussein Diyab
  10. DFID Health, environment and the burden of disease: a guidance note * (2003)
    Cairncross, Sandy; O'Neill, Dominic; McCoy, Anne; Sethi, Dinesh


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