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  1. Human excreta and gray water treatment in Japan: part 1: history (1994)
    International Environment Planning Center; University of Tokyo, Department of Urban Engineering
  2. Hygiene promotion tools [set of pictorial instruction cards, no text - 7 lessons & 55 cards in total]
  3. Learnings from implementing the excreta flow diagram (SFD) process in Kumasi * (2016)
    Furlong, Claire
  4. A study on scaling-up latrine and human excreta management in rural communities of Afghanistan * (2016)
    Bhandari, Betman
  5. Poster 017: Twin-pit ventilated, improved pit latrines * (2013)
    Shaw, Rod; McMahon, Glenda
  6. Sanitation for site and service schemes - a technical and economic appraisal of sanitation alternatives for urban Kenya (1982)
    De Kruijff, G.J.W.
  7. Teaching materials in appropriate sanitation for the Institute of Engineering, Nepal (1983)
    Neaupane, M.P.
  8. An evaluation of village sanitation scheme - Phase 1 (Revised) Bangladesh (1983)
    Bangladesh: Department of Public Health Engineering
  9. Expert system for the selection of excreta disposal systems (1989)
    Larbi, E.O.
  10. Expert systems for the selection of sanitation systems in refugee camps (1990)
    Baetings, Erick


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