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  1. VIP latrine construction. Do it yourself manual. Guidelines for construction, use and maintenance of ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrine (1990)
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); Federal Ministry of Health
  2. Emergency sanitation: assessment and programme design * (2002)
    Harvey, Peter; Baghri, Sohrab; Reed, Bob
  3. Sanitation for Gulu municipality (1986)
    Cong, Richard
  4. Sanitation for low-income areas in Nyeri (1988)
    Irimu, Julius Murigu
  5. Sanitation Improvement of Tivouane City (1993)
    Sambe, Cheikh Tidiane
  6. Sanitation in the Burmese refugee camps at Coxs Bazar Bangladesh June 1978 to December 1979 (1980)
    Williams, David F; OXFAM
  7. Small projects training manual: vol 3: sanitation (1987)
    Guoth-Gumberger, Marta; Guoth-Gumberger, Rudi
  8. Pit latrine emptying (1981)
    Runyoro, S.K.
  9. An assessment of improved alternatives to conservancy tanks in Maseru (1986)
    Makhetha, S.N.
  10. Low cost sanitation for Kaduna (1988)
    Ekanem, Ekong J.


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