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  1. Co-composting of faecal sludge with solid waste to improve FSM practice in Sakhipur municipality * (2017)
    Al-Muyeed, Abdullah
  2. Diagnostic and decision-support tools for effective faecal sludge management (FSM) services * (2017)
    Scott, Rebecca
  3. Evaluating the efficiency of different provision strategies for scaled-up container-based sanitation * (2021)
    Ferguson, Charlie
  4. Microbial evaluation of the viscous heater for commercial applications in faecal sludge treatment * (2018)
    Peguero, Daniela
  5. Online course on faecal sludge management: case study in Durban, South Africa * (2018)
    Velkushanova, Konstantina
  6. Overcoming capacity gaps in fecal sludge management through education and training * (2016)
    Philippe, Sterenn
  7. Recovering value from faecal sludge in Northern Ghana * (2021)
    Atsugah, Ebenezer
  8. Sanitation programme design and set-up to scale FSM in Tamil Nadu * (2021)
    Wankhade, Kavita
  9. SEEK (Sludge to Energy Enterprises in Kampala): co-processing faecal sludge for fuel production * (2017)
    Strande, Linda
  10. Status and strategy for faecal sludge management in the Kathmandu valley [published in collaboration with the Water for Asian Cities Programme, UN-Habitat, Nepal.] * (2011)


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