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  1. Trialling innovative sanitation solutions for low-income communities in Dhaka, Bangladesh * (2016)
    Rahman, M. Habibur
  2. A socio-economic analysis of different approaches to faecal sludge treatment in Sunyani, Ghana * (2016)
    Mallory, Adrian
  3. Emergency faecal sludge treatment using hydrated lime: case study from a refugee camp in Bangladesh * (2021)
    Bonucci, Debora
  4. Getting the basics right: effective collaboration to improve small town sanitation systems in Ethiopia * (2021)
    Ebrahim, Muhammed
  5. How does inequitable planning and community resistance affect aspirations of universal sanitation services? A case study in Mzuzu, Malawi * (2021)
    Mallory, Adrian
  6. Operational collaborative tool for Ongoing Practices in Urgent Sanitation (OCTOPUS) * (2021)
    Papin Stammose, Claire
  7. Impacts of climate vulnerable environments on effective sanitation and FSM in rural Cambodia * (2021)
    Abdel-Sattar, Rana
  8. Partial usage of toilets: a growing problem * (2016)
    Myers, J.
  9. When faecal sludge reuse doesn't work: a look at access for the poorest and people with disabilities in urban Malawi * (2018)
    Mallory, Adrian
  10. Faecal sludge management using black soldier fly larvae: a preliminary study in Durban, South Africa * (2018)
    Mutsakatira, Ellen


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