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  1. Municipal organic waste management: challenges and opportunities in Tamale, Ghana * (2013)
    Pradhan, Surendra K
  2. Indigenous soil fertility management in the hills of Nepal: lessons from an east-west transect (1992)
    Research Report Series Number 19; Tamang, Devika; HMG Ministry of Agriculture; Winrock International
  3. Annual Report 1986-87 (1989)
    BADC; Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
  4. Fortnightly/Monthly MIS Report upto 31/3/90 (1990)
    Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation; BADC
  5. The future of BADC: few suggestions (1988)
    BADC; Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
  6. Evolution of faecal sludge chemical and physical characteristics during drying * (2018)
    Septien Stringel, Santiago
  7. Use of ecosan latrine products in farming: the need for local guidance and monitoring for sustainability * (2018)
    Ntakarutimana, Amans
  8. The potential for using composted municipal waste in agriculture: the case of Accra, Ghana (PhD Doctoral Thesis No. 2006:65) * (2006)
    Hofny-Collins, A.H.