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  1. Social and institutional elements of disaster vulnerability: the case of South India (2007)
    Bosher, Lee
  2. Livelihoods and gender in sanitation, hygiene & water services among the urban poor (Maili Saba Research Report) (2005)
    Kuria, David; Intermediate Technology Development Group - Practical Action
  3. Private sector participation analysis for longgang water utility (China) (2005)
    Zhe, Lin
  4. The 1992/3 drought in Namibia: an evaluation of its socio-economic impact on affected households (SSD Research Report 7) (1995)
    Devereux, Stephen; Rimmer, Martin; LeBeau, Debie; Pendleton, Wade; University of Namibia, Multi-Disciplinary Research Centre, Social Sciences Div
  5. Small town water supply services in Ghana: reality and challenges (2006)
    Delbos, Baptiste
  6. Handpump operation and maintenance by small and medium enterprises - potential in Uganda (2005)
    Uno, Junko
  7. Private sector involvement in rural water supply - case studies from Uganda (2008)
    Koestler, Lucrezia


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