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  1. The granular flocculator (1982)
    Osuocha, P.C.
  2. Study of lagtime between adding and mixing the coagulant in contact flocculation (1991)
    Ali, Faiza
  3. Design of Horizontal Flow Baffled Flocculators (1993)
    Ssembali, Gracious
  4. Head loss in horizontal flow baffled channel flocculator (1989)
    Lim, J.H.
  5. Sachet-type point-of-use (POU) water treatment product comparison for emergencies * (2013)
    Marois-Fiset, Jean-Thomas
  6. Chemicals for assisted sedimentation in emergency water treatment (2004)
    Myles, Meghan
  7. The use of polyelectrolytes in water treatment (1988)
    Chimedza, J.B.M.
  8. The use of polyelectrolytes in water treatment (1981)
    Enemarie, J.J.
  9. Selection, handling and dosing of coagulants: development of a training programme for operators at Adiyan water treatment plant, Lagos, Nigeria (1997)
    Okunowo, John O.
  10. Optimizing chemical dosing in an emergency batch water treatment system (2006)
    Mahmood, Iqbal


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