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  1. An assessment of restaurant food waste management in Chengdu, China between 2010-2020 * (2021)
    Chen, Guanhua
  2. Data analysis of food and non-food items purchases through voucher assistance * (2021)
    Pedraza, Daniel
  3. Cheese production in Nepal: lessons from the past, lessons for the future (1991)
    Research Report Series Number 13; Sapkota, Mahendra Raj; HMG Ministry of Agriculture; Winrock International
  4. Health, food security and equity, socio-economic factors in self-supply investment * (2017)
    Sutton, Sally
  5. Terra Preta Sanitation: a new tool for sustainable sanitation in urban areas? * (2013)
    Windberg, Constanze
  6. Designing a food hygiene intervention for children 6-9 months in an informal settlement in Kisumu, Kenya * (2018)
    Simiyu, Sheillah
  7. Food hygiene practices of mothers and level of contamination in child's food in Nepal: a formative research * (2013)
    Gautam, Om Prasad
  8. METAP Cairo industrial effluent control technical assistance II second phase: draft report appendices (Environmental Programme for the Mediterranean) (1995)
    Taylor Binnie & Partners; European Investment Bank
  9. Child care-giver food hygiene practices in urban informal settlements of Kisumu, Kenya * (2018)
    Mumma, Jane
  10. G013: Managing hygiene promotion in WASH programmes * (2014)
    Reed, Bob; Medland, Louise; Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod


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