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  1. Delivering sustainable water supply in fragile and conflict affected states: experiences from Syria * (2015)
    Boot, Niall Lawrence David
  2. Groundwater supply sustainability in fragile states: a case study examining challenges and approaches * (2017)
    Evans, Paul
  3. Water, sanitation and hygiene service delivery in Liberia supports peace and nation building * (2013)
    Richey, Chantal
  4. Improving the fit between development and humanitarian WASH in protracted crises * (2017)
    Mason, Nat
  5. Community-led total sanitation (CLTS) in fragile contexts: the Somalia case * (2016)
    Gitau, Mercy J N
  6. Improving access to safe water for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in a fragile state, Somalia * (2013)
    Kumamaru, Koji
  7. Service delivery in difficult environments: the case of Nepal * (2004)
    Armon, Jeremy; Berry, Chris; Duncan, Debi; Calder, Rebecca; Clapham, Susan; Harvey, Mark; Department For International Development (DFID)
  8. Public water utility versus private: the case of Burao and Borama, Somaliland * (2016)
    Hashi, Faisal
  9. Developing sustainable water services in Mogadishu: lessons from post-conflict environments (2006)
    Omar, Yahya