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  1. Accountability and advocacy interventions in the water sector: a review of global evidence * (2021)
    Brewer, Tim
  2. Adjusting institutional arrangements: towards improved governance of self-supply water systems in Uyo, Nigeria * (2017)
    Ikpeh, Iniobong James
  3. An island within an island: 19 years of rural WASH programmes implementation in La Gonave, Haiti * (2017)
    Bourzac, Btissame
  4. Facilitating urban water utility reform in Taraba, Nigeria: where to start? * (2021)
    Istandar, Arijanto
  5. Mutual reinforcement: combining project outputs with capacity development outcomes for service delivery * (2013)
    Nilsson, Kristina
  6. Oju water supply and sanitation project: Report on a visit to Nigeria by A.M.MacDonald and J.Davies to carry out workshops and undertake some limited wet season investigations (19 September - 25 October 1998) (1998)
    MacDonald, A.M.; Davies, J.
  7. Sida support to local governance in Tajikistan. Knowledge creating results (2006)
    Ramboll Management
  8. The impact of water governance levels on access to water for the most vulnerable: a case study from the Philippines * (2013)
    Lerebours, Alix
  9. Water governance as a pathway for strengthening devolution towards attaining SDG6 in Kenya * (2021)
    Luseka, Euphresia
  10. Civil society organizations and public/private sector partnerships. Trainer's handbook for higher and lower local governments (2003)
    Uganda, Ministry of Local Government


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