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  1. Design manual for rural water supply in Bhutan (1998)
    SNV Netherlands Development Organisation; Prakke, Diederik; Bhutan Government, Ministry of Health and Education, Public Health Engineering
  2. Assessment of water supply and utilization options in Kilungu Division, Makueni District in Kenya [Distance Learning] (2008)
    Makanyi, Agnes M.
  3. Gravity flow systems in rural water supply in Uganda (1987)
    Arebahona, I.P.
  4. Gravity flow water systems. Reasons for failure (1986)
    Pollock, J.B.
  5. Gravity systems and shallow wells for Kagera region, Tanzania (1985)
    Mutegeki, Emmanuel Mbelwa
  6. Overall requirements of rural gravity water supply in hilly regions of Nepal (1986)
    Shrestha, G.P.
  7. Rural water supply and sanitation handbook for extension workers Volume 2 - Technology development handbook (2002)
    Carl Bro International; Uganda, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
  8. Water surveys and designs: explains survey techniques and gives standard designs with average costs on water supply structures * (2006)
    Nissen-Petersen, Erik; Wanjihia, Catherine W.; Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA); ASAL Consultants
  9. Technical sustainability of community managed big gravity water supply project Hitosa, Ethiopia [Distance Learning] (2015)
    Wolde Hateau, Gossa
  10. Upgrading Kasulu urban water supply (1990)
    Mutazamba, Jackson L.


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