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  1. A.I.D. Evaluation Summary, parts 1 and 2, USAid, CARE Water and Health - Guatemala (1994)
    CARE; USAID US Agency for International Development
  2. Latin America and the Caribbean - Guatemala: consultation for the Indigenous Development Plan: listening to the Mayan elders (1997)
    Martinez, Juan; Bannon, Ian; World Bank Central America Department (DCN) Economic Notes Series 7e
  3. The provision of basic municipal infrastructure through the food for work programme ( AFT ): mission 15-29 May 1988 (1988)
    Wray, Alistair; UNDP United Nations Development Program; UNCHS United Nations Centre for Human Settlements; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  4. Bomba de Lazo (rope washer pump) (1992)
    Centro de Tecnologia para la Salud (TPS); Comite Central Menonita (CCM); ECOTEC
  5. Selecting social research methods for solid waste management in Guatemala City's slums (2002)
    Burrows, Hugues
  6. Evaluation report of the double vault compost latrine project: Todos Santos and Cantanil Department of Huehuetenango, Republic of Guatemala (1998)
    Burrows, Hugues
  7. Technical potential for domestic rainwater harvesting in rural areas in Guatemala (2008)
    Ando, Toshifumi