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  1. Assessment Report on the Proposed Water Supply System at Kurkabaru (1996)
    Ramlall, P.; Guyana Water Authority
  2. Guyana: Proposed Water Supply, Technical Assistance and Rehabilitation Project (FM93/081) (1993)
    Heffer, D. W.
  3. Implementation completion report, Gyana: SIMAP / Health Nutrition, Water and Sanitation Project (Credit 2358-GUA) (Report no 17767) (1998)
    World Bank; Sector Management Unit, Human Development, Latin America and the Caribbean Regi
  4. Lessons from experience: structural adjustment and poverty in Guyana (1993)
    Thomas, Clive Y.
  5. Proposed El Nino Relief Measures for Consideration and Funding by The World Bank ElNino/ GUYA/May 15 (1998)
    Guyana Water Authority GUYWA
  6. Technical Cooperation Water Authority Twinning Project (CNTR 95/3527 A), Final Report, Vol. 1 (1997)
    Guyana Water Authority; Department For International Development (DFID); Northumbrian Water
  7. Women, Water Supply and Sanitation Training Seminar (1994)
    United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancemen
  8. Local Democratic Organs Act 1980. Guyana Act No.12 of 1980 (1980)
    National Assembly of Guyana
  9. What is CARICOM? (1992)
    Caribbean Community Secretariat (CARICOM); CARICOM
  10. Aid coordination: a case study from Guyana (2001)
    Rychnovsky, M.A,


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