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  1. Cooperative management of RWSS in Haiti * (1997)
    Emmanuel, Evens
  2. High rate sedimentation in waste treatment * (1996)
    Emmanuel, Evens
  3. Haiti earthquake response. Mapping and analysis of gaps and duplications in evaluations * (2011)
    Haver, Katherine; Rencoret, Nicole; Humanitarian Outcomes
  4. A social business model for the provision of household ecological sanitation services in urban Haiti * (2016)
    Remington, Claire
  5. An island within an island: 19 years of rural WASH programmes implementation in La Gonave, Haiti * (2017)
    Bourzac, Btissame
  6. Effects of high-strength fecal sludge in wastewater stabilization ponds: Port-au-Prince, Haiti * (2016)
    Martinsen, Andrea
  7. Haiti earthquake response: context analysis * (2010)
    Rencoret, Nicole; Stoddard, Abby; Haver, Katherine; Taylor, Glyn; Harvey, Paul; ALNAP; DAC Network on Development Education; UNEG United Nations Evaluation Group
  8. Sustained effectiveness of chlorinators installed in community-scale water distribution systems in Haiti * (2016)
    Rayner, Justine
  9. Critical analysis of the circumstances that affected cholera transmission in Port au Prince, Haiti, during December 2010 unrest (2011)
    Goodwin, Tom
  10. Health response to the earthquake in Haiti January 2010. Lessons to be learned for the next massive sudden-onset disaster * (2011)
    de Ville de Goyet, Claude; Sarmiento, Juan Pablo; Grunewald, Francois; Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)


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