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  1. Cooperative management of RWSS in Haiti * (1997)
    Emmanuel, Evens
  2. High rate sedimentation in waste treatment * (1996)
    Emmanuel, Evens
  3. Haiti earthquake response. Mapping and analysis of gaps and duplications in evaluations * (2011)
    Haver, Katherine; Rencoret, Nicole; Humanitarian Outcomes
  4. A social business model for the provision of household ecological sanitation services in urban Haiti * (2016)
    Remington, Claire
  5. An island within an island: 19 years of rural WASH programmes implementation in La Gonave, Haiti * (2017)
    Bourzac, Btissame
  6. Effects of high-strength fecal sludge in wastewater stabilization ponds: Port-au-Prince, Haiti * (2016)
    Martinsen, Andrea
  7. Haiti earthquake response: context analysis * (2010)
    Rencoret, Nicole; Stoddard, Abby; Haver, Katherine; Taylor, Glyn; Harvey, Paul; ALNAP; DAC Network on Development Education; UNEG United Nations Evaluation Group
  8. Sustained effectiveness of chlorinators installed in community-scale water distribution systems in Haiti * (2016)
    Rayner, Justine
  9. Health response to the earthquake in Haiti January 2010. Lessons to be learned for the next massive sudden-onset disaster * (2011)
    de Ville de Goyet, Claude; Sarmiento, Juan Pablo; Grunewald, Francois; Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
  10. Piloting ecological sanitation (EcoSan) in the emergency context of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, after the 2010 earthquake * (2013)
    Kilbride, Anthony


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