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  1. Monitoring impacts of WASH interventions: the case of SHEWA-B * (2009)
    Johnston, Richard B
  2. Self-supply in Mali: Early steps towards an innovatory approach * (2009)
    Osbert, Nicolas
  3. Water Safety Plan: A commitment towards safe and sustainable water supplies * (2009)
    Akter, Nargis
  4. Design strategies and preliminary prototype for a low-cost arsenic removal system for rural Bangladesh * (2009)
    Mathieu, Johanna
  5. Waterless urinals: A proposal to save water and urine nutrient recovery in Africa * (2009)
    von Munch, Elisabeth
  6. G018: Menstruation hygiene management for schoolgirls * (2014)
    Crofts, Tracey; Coates, Sue; Fisher, Julie; Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken
  7. NETSSAF - A multidisciplinary collaboration towards sustainable sanitation in West Africa: Main results * (2009)
    Fall, Papa Abdoulaye
  8. Sustainable sanitation promotion in Nigeria: A mix of Approaches. * (2009)
    Ogunjobi, Bioye
  9. The role of the church in improving access to sanitation * (2009)
    Greaves, Frank
  10. Using cell phones to monitor and evaluate behaviour change through community health clubs in South Africa * (2009)
    Rosenfeld, Jason


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