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  1. Briefing paper: the case for Somaliland's international recognition as an independent state (2002)
    Somaliland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  2. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets *
    Sulabh International Museum of Toilets
  3. Learning to reach health for all. Thirty years of instructive experience at BRAC (2005)
    Rohde, Jon E.
  4. Open defecation free Odisha: achievable or a pipe dream? An analysis of sanitation promotions in Odisha, India * (2013)
    Mommen, Brecht Anne
  5. Financing access to improved water and sanitation, Public Works Loans Board, UK * (2017)
    Franceys, Richard
  6. Critical analysis of the circumstances that affected cholera transmission in Port au Prince, Haiti, during December 2010 unrest (2011)
    Goodwin, Tom
  7. Lessons learned from the development of water services in Britain from the 19th century onwards and application to modern low income countries [Distance Learning] (2012)
    Matthews. C.M.
  8. Sanitation provision and urbanisation: lessons learned from the British Industrial Revolution (2002)
    Borstlap, Leonie
  9. The development of a sanitation policy and practice in South Africa 2002. Preliminary draft paper: African Sanitation and Hygiene Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa, 29 July to 1 August 2002 (2002)
    Republic of South Africa; Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF)
  10. Water supply in Britain: Leicester during the second half of the 19th century (2007)
    Chen, QuingQui


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