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  1. (Archive) Plover cove and Hebe Haven water scheme: lower Shing Mun main tunnel gate: instructions to tenderers: tender form of agreement, conditions of contract specification (1962)
    Hong Kong, Government of
  2. (Archive) Plover cove water scheme: inauguration ceremony: the thirsty years (1969)
    Hong Kong, Plover Cove Water Scheme
  3. (Archive) Plover cove water scheme: report on the model tests for the lower Shing Mun reservoir (1964)
    Hong Kong, Plover Cove Water Scheme
  4. (Archive) Supplementary report on sewerage and sewage disposal (1966)
    Hong Kong, Government of Northern New Territories; Watson, J.D.; Watson, D.M.
  5. Plover cove
    Hong Kong, Water Supplies Department
  6. Dual water supply in Hong Kong * (2000)
    Tang, S L
  7. Economy of dual water supply systems * (2002)
    Tang, S L
  8. Generation/forecasting of monsoon rainfall data * (1994)
    Fernando, D Achela K
  9. Hong Kong wastewater - now and future * (1995)
    Tang, S L
  10. Strategic sewage disposal in Hong Kong * (1996)
    Tang, S L


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