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  1. Anaerobic horizontal filtration for septic tank effluent (1989)
    Martinez, F.J.
  2. Horizontal roughing filter as pre-treatment prior to slow sand filtration (1981)
    Datta, R.
  3. Cleaning of granular media filters (1991)
    Champiti, R.M.A.
  4. Proceedings of the workshop on sanitary protection and upgradation of traditional surface water sources for domestic consumption: project sponsored by UNICEF 17-18 August, 1992, Calcutta (1992)
    All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Calcutta; WaterAid; Mandra Unnayan Samsad
  5. Removal of algae in Wennappuwa water supply scheme, Sri Lanka (1986)
    Lamabadusuriya, T.P.
  6. Pretreatment of polluted waters using a dual media horizontal-flow gravel filter prior to slow sand filtration (1992)
    Salala, Henry E.M.