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  1. Household water treatment: Defluoridation of drinking water by using bone char technology in Ethiopia * (2009)
    Esayas, S
  2. Innovative rain water harvesting techniques for emergencies: Lessons from the field * (2009)
    Burt, Murray
  3. POU drinking water treatment - pilot project Nepal * (2007)
    Shrestha, Arinita
  4. Sachet-type point-of-use (POU) water treatment product comparison for emergencies * (2013)
    Marois-Fiset, Jean-Thomas
  5. Small scale water purification for low income communities in Ethiopia (1998)
    Gebru, Debru B.
  6. Third Urban Development Project, Pourashavas, TA No 2816-BAN, Inception Report (1998)
    Bangladesh, Government of; Bangladesh, Ministry of LGRD and Cooperatives; Bangladesh, Local Government Engineering Department (LGED); BHK Consulting Engineers; Aqua Consultant and Associates Ltd
  7. Using tariff structures as a demand management instrument: the case of Kampala * (2009)
    Kayaga, Sam
  8. Research on point of use water treatment on childhood diarrhea [Distance Learning] (2014)
    Vajpai, Bhawna Maheshwari
  9. Access to safe drinking water: behavioural determinants of adopting household water treatment methods among urban Pakistanis * (2021)
    Kugedera, Ziggy
  10. Economic impacts of access to water and sanitation in Ethiopia: evidence from the Welfare Monitoring Surveys * (2008)
    Anderson, Edward; Hagos, Fitsum; RiPPLE


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