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  1. Understanding livelihoods in rural India: diversity, change and exclusion (2004)
    Ashley, Caroline; Deshingkar, Priya; Farrington, John; Iotti, Livia; Johnson, Craig; Slater, Rachel; Start, Dan; Wiggins, Steve; Overseas Development Institute (ODI); ODI Livelihood Options Study; Department For International Development (DFID)
  2. A citizen's guide to municipal service partnerships
    South Africa, Department of Constitutional Development
  3. Accelerating self supply. A case study from Zambia * (2010)
    Sutton, Sally; Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN)
  4. POU drinking water treatment - pilot project Nepal * (2007)
    Shrestha, Arinita
  5. A handbook on safe water chain (2005)
    Uganda, Ministry of Health, Environmental Health Division
  6. Cost recovery for household solid waste management: a case study of Kampala, Uganda (2003)
    Mutabazi, Richard
  7. The performance of the biosand filter (2007)
    Thye, Ze Pin
  8. Evaluation of household Biosand filters in Ethiopia (2002)
    Dejachew, Gezahgn
  9. Information and persuasion: achieving safe water behaviours in Kenya. Job market paper * (2009)
    Luoto, Jill; University of California, Berkeley
  10. Household water treatment and safe storage in Kitgum, Uganda and Makanya, Tanzania (2008)
    Komakech, Charles Hans


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