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  1. Human rights to water and sanitation in India: voices from the people and accountability of duty bearers * (2015)
    Arickal, B
  2. Reaching the urban disadvantaged child. Strategies for action. Background papers, consultation proceedings and recommendations
    Ghosh, Archana; Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Urban Studies
  3. Jamaica's response. The United Nations Human Rights Council Decision 2/104 Human Rights and Access to Water * (2007)
    Jamaica, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica
  4. Lost innocence, stolen childhoods (2001)
    Blanchet, Therese
  5. Monitoring of human rights relating to the management of faecal sludge in the district of Bamako * (2021)
    Traore, Moussa Alou
  6. Indicator framework for monitoring SDG target on sanitation: a review through the lens of human rights * (2016)
    Gine Garriga, Ricard
  7. Making rights real in India: using a tool on the rights to water and sanitation with local government officials * (2018)
    Pati, Bikash Kumar
  8. A rights-based review of the legal and policy framework of the Ghanaian water and sanitation sector * (2008)
    Conteh, Sonkita; Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE)
  9. Children's and women's rights in Nigeria: a wake-up call. Situation assessment and analysis 2001 (2001)
    Hodges, Anthony
  10. In the High Court of South Africa (Witwatersrand Local Division). Case no: 06/13865. Judgment. Revised * (2008)
    High Court of South Africa


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