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  1. Surface water management in humanitarian crises * (2018)
    Earl, Eleanor; Abbott, Justin; Jenkinson, Rosemary; Reed, B J
  2. Development-oriented relief and recovery in the WASH Sector: a survey of current practice * (2016)
    Armstrong, Andrew
  3. Draft guidance to empower technical field teams in humanitarian organisations * (2021)
    Harries, Kathryn
  4. Haiti earthquake response: context analysis * (2010)
    Rencoret, Nicole; Stoddard, Abby; Haver, Katherine; Taylor, Glyn; Harvey, Paul; ALNAP; DAC Network on Development Education; UNEG United Nations Evaluation Group
  5. Water communal funds for greater sustainability of waterworks at commune level in Cameroon * (2021)
    Maisonnave, Emma
  6. A review of the solar pumping networks in Kutapalong, Bangladesh * (2021)
    McBride, Angus
  7. Addressing the humanitarian-development nexus: a pilot approach in Burkina Faso * (2021)
    Lecuyot, Baptiste
  8. Are we learning our lessons? Examining best practice to determine how current theory and practice relate in the quality of delivered water and sanitation projects [Distance Learning] (2009)
    Frazer, J.P.
  9. Impact assessment: use of sphere to measure impact of WASH interventions in the humanitarian sector [Distance Learning] (2012)
    Ramos, Monica
  10. Inclined plate settling for emergency water treatment * (2013)
    Dorea, Caetano C


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