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  1. Development of a water pump based on a car tyre (1985)
    Kabumu, D.M.
  2. Improving mixing at a vee-notch (1986)
    Kuzenza, M.E.
  3. Air voids in small diameter pipes (1985)
    Evens, Justin S.
  4. Air voids in small diameter pipes (1984)
    Hoole, K.G.
  5. Air voids in small diameter pipes III (1987)
    Ganye, L.A.
  6. Effects of imperfect canal linings on seepage (1989)
    Akinfenwa, Stephen A.O.
  7. Study of mixing at a vee-notch (1988)
    Adhikary, S.P.
  8. Discharge measurement and current meter calibration (1989)
    Chileshe, C.
  9. Head loss in horizontal flow baffled channel flocculator (1989)
    Lim, J.H.
  10. Simple rapid sand filters (1987)
    Wisumperuma, K.U.


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