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  1. Bulletin No. 7 of the Geological Survey Department (1977)
    Cyprus Geological Survey
  2. Groundwater as a source of water supply in Zambia (1985)
    Mwanamwenge, P.K.
  3. Hydrogeological investigation. Methodology for Sierra Leone (1986)
    Bockarie, Joseph S.
  4. Hydrogeological studies South Darfur. Appendix N (1989)
    Water resources assessment and development project in the Sudan (WADS); Institute of Applied Geoscience; TNO; National Corporation for the Development of Rural Water Resources; NCDWR
  5. The groundwater potential of the Oju/Obi area, eastern Nigeria. Final report. [See also NG 266] (1999)
    Davies, J.; MacDonald, A.M.; British Geological Survey (BGS); Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
  6. Water resources development in Jamaica (1981)
    Robinson, C.A.
  7. Communicating groundwater research: the example of Oju and Obi, eastern NIgeria (2000)
    MacDonald, A.M.; Davies, J.; British Geological Survey (BGS); Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
  8. Ghana water sector improvement project : Assessment of environmental water quality standards (contract no 98 58337) Hydrogeologist's report (1999)
    Barrett, Mike; Robens Centre for Public and Environmental Health; Department For International Development (DFID)
  9. Groundwater in copper belt provinces (1985)
    Mbewe, I.J.
  10. Hydrogeology of the Niger Basin (Volumes 1 & 2 bound together) (1986)
    Ajayi, Joseph T.


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