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  1. Hydropower development and EIAs in Vietnam: current practice and shortcomings * (2014)
    Luu, Thi Dieu Chinh
  2. Some technical aspects of the development of a series of micro hydro-electric power plants (1984)
    Morris, D.R.G.
  3. Lesotho Highlands Water Project (Special issue of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - supplement to Civil Engineering Vol 120 Special Issue 1 1997) (1997)
    Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
  4. La energ?a al servicio del sector rural. A: Cartilla del evaluacion tecnologica. 1: (1990)
    Hadzich, Miguel; Valverde, Quino; Canziani, Franco; Chavez, David; Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru; Departamento de Ingenieria
  5. Afghanistan water atlas map book * (2010)
    Afghan Energy Information Center (AEIC); Afghanistan, Ministry of Energy and Water
  6. Sustainable approach to small hydropower development in Sierra Leone [Distance Learning] (2010)
    Hunt, Roy
  7. Water sector development programme 2002-2016 Main report (2002)
    Ethiopia, Ministry of Water Resources