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  1. G013: Managing hygiene promotion in WASH programmes * (2014)
    Reed, Bob; Medland, Louise; Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  2. G018: Menstruation hygiene management for schoolgirls * (2014)
    Crofts, Tracey; Coates, Sue; Fisher, Julie; Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken
  3. Healthy-Home approach: lasting changes in hygiene behaviour in rural Bangladesh * (2015)
    Mukherjee, S
  4. Hygiene promotion in Ebola: embedding best practices for safe and dignified burials Ð the case of Freetown, Sierra Leone. * (2015)
    Flachenberg, Franck
  5. Hygiene promotion: designing a simple, scalable programme in rural Mozambique * (2015)
    Beale, J.
  6. Sustainability of WASH practices: hygiene behaviour in the rural settings of Bangladesh * (2015)
    Dey, N. C.
  7. The role of legalizing water sanitation and hygiene committees on the sustainability of rural water supply schemes in Kindo Koyesha District, Ethiopia * (2015)
    Haile, Dawit
  8. Menstrual hygiene management to improve attendance of primary school-aged girls in Central North, Burkina Faso * (2017)
  9. Supporting sanitation and hygiene in prisons: WaterAid's support for Bolle detention centre in Mali * (2016)
    Traore, Moussa Alou
  10. The colour of change. Innovation, motivation and sustainability in hygiene and sanitation work * (2007)
    Mathewson, Polly; Ayele, Manyahlshal; WaterAid in Ethiopia (WAE)


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