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  1. Hygiene promotion in Ebola: embedding best practices for safe and dignified burials Ð the case of Freetown, Sierra Leone. * (2015)
    Flachenberg, Franck
  2. Hygiene promotion: designing a simple, scalable programme in rural Mozambique * (2015)
    Beale, J.
  3. Home and environment improvement campaign guidelines: Better sanitation responsibility for all (2001)
    Uganda, Ministry of Health
  4. Hygiene promotion: Have we got the right answers to the knowledge behaviour gap? Lessons learned from various hygiene interventions led by an international aid organization. * (2017)
    Flachenberg, Franck
  5. Guidelines for school sanitation promotion (1999)
    Uganda, Ministry of Health, Environmental Health Division; UNICEF WES; SIDA
  6. Stage drama guidelines for sanitation and hygiene promotion: Better sanitation responsibility for all (2001)
    Uganda, Ministry of Health
  7. How WASH programming has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic * (2021)
    Thompson, Joseph
  8. Opportunities for sanitation marketing in Uganda (2007)
    Outlaw, Tom; Jenkins, Mimi; Scott, Beth; USAID Hygiene Improvement Project (HIP)
  9. Innovative hygiene promotion campaign: use of theatre performance to promote local handwashing stations construction in Niger * (2021)
    Dunka Rabiou, Marie
  10. Manual on promotion of hygiene and sanitation in Ger areas, Mongolia * (2006)
    Lahiri, Santanu; Briones, Henry; Perez, Eduardo A.; Community-led Infrastructure Development Project; City of Ulaanbaatar; Kolsky, Pete; World Bank


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