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  1. Environmental policies of industrial discharge 'Greater Cairo' (1997)
    Khallaf, Maha S.
  2. Motivation of local government staff in the context of decentralisation and capacity development in Uganda (2005)
    Muenchenbach, M.A.
  3. Report of the International Consultant on Sanitation, People's Republic of China. Capacity building and investment preparation for rural water and sanitation in poor and remote areas Project CPR/91/141 (1992)
    Reed, R.A.; World Bank / UNDP; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  4. Review of PfWS technical support to Anambra State water supply and sanitation sector reform programme in Nigeria * (2011)
    Olugboye, Dayo
  5. Sanitary survey training in Malaysia (1992)
    Siru, Debbie
  6. Scaling-up of the OPP's Low-cost Sanitation Programme (1992)
    Hasan, Arif; Orangi Pilot Project (OPP); OPP-RTI
  7. Systems mapping for sustainability: A case study of shifting the focus of NGO action in Malawi * (2018)
    Byrns, Sydney
  8. Water Resources Management Strategy. Report on participation and consultation process at the local government level in Kaduna and Niger States (2001)
    Iyoha, Helen O.
  9. What happens after cholera? An examination of the transition from relief to development: a collective case study in Uganda * (2012)
    Morgan, Ned
  10. Achieving water security: lessons from research in water supply, sanitation and hygiene in Ethiopia (2013)
    Calow, Roger; Ludi, Eva; Tucker, Josephine


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