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  1. Policy support for wastewater use in Hanoi * (2014)
    Evans, Alexandra
  2. Scaling up rural sanitation in Vietnam: a collective analysis and recommended actions * (2014)
    Patra, Lalit Mohan
  3. The state of handpump water services in Ghana: findings from three districts * (2014)
    Adank, Marieke
  4. Umbrella Partnership: a case study on capacity building and bringing synergy between local and national NGOs in an emergency * (2021)
    Shrestha, Bodh Narayan
  5. Urban water supplies for developing countries: the French approach (1996)
    Jones, Julian David Robinson
  6. Using economic instruments for water demand management: the case of Gros Islet, Saint Lucia * (2014)
    Frederick, E
  7. WASH in rural Cambodian primary schools: roles, responsibilities, attitudes and priorities of key stakeholders * (2014)
    Shantz, A.
  8. Water supply and sanitation policy. White paper. Water - an indivisible national asset (1994)
    South Africa, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
  9. Improvement in the delivery of urban water supply services in Afghanistan by corporatisation of water utility * (2013)
    Masoumyar, Sayed Najibullah
  10. Institutional scanning and reform of Anambra State Water and Sanitation Sector - Report 1 * (2007)
    Hunt, Doug; Ekanem, Gabriel; Atkins Ltd


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