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  1. Town sanitation planning experience in small towns: a case of northern Uganda * (2018)
    Mujjabi, Martin Mukasa
  2. Management of water supply services. A study of Anambra State Water Corporation of Nigeria (1993)
    Eni, Isabella O
  3. Sanitation strategy & master plan for Kampala City. Volume 4 - community consultation report (2004)
    Uganda, Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment; National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC); KFW Entwicklungsbank; Beller Consult, Mott Mac Donald and M&E Associates
  4. Sustainable water pumping in refugee camps: solar PV / diesel hybrid scenarios at Nyarugusu, Tanzania * (2017)
    Harkness, Brendon
  5. Long term strategy for the rural water supply and sanitation sector in the Kyrgyz Republic. Preliminary draft for consultation (2006)
    Carl Bro Intelligent Solutions; Atkins; Kyrgyz Republic, Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Processing Indust; Department for Rural Water Supplies; Department For International Development (DFID)
  6. Urban sewerage and sanitation: 30 years of experiences and lessons *
    Philippines, Water Supply and Sanitation Performance Enhancement Project (WPEP)
  7. Halving the proportion of people without access to safe water by 2015. A Malawian perspective. Part 2: new indicators for the Millennium Development Goal (2003)
    Stoupy, Olivier; Sugden, Steven; WaterAid
  8. Rural water supply subsidies in the Philippines * (2002)
    Esguerra, Josefina U.; Philippines, Water Supply and Sanitation Performance Enhancement Project (WPEP)


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